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Hi! I’m Supriti!

As a weight management specialist with a passion for food and cooking, I create customised weight management plans.

My services combine food science with cooking skills to create more nutritious and fulfilling meals for individuals and families.

Follow along for delicious recipes, weight loss tips, and meal prep strategies to enjoy the food you love.


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Chicken Bone Broth

Perfect to boost immunity and recover energy, Bone Broth builds immunity through improved gut health. It strengthens teeth & bones, supports weight loss, aids digestion and is anti-aging. Bone broth is[…]

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A moist, delicious, nutritious cake that you wont be able to get enough of- and why should you, when its so good for you?

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Pumpkin & Moringa Soup

Ready in 15 minutes, this hearty filling soup is a miracle cure for inflammation and is a natural immunity booster. Why Pumpkin? I hate it, my kids hate it. Pumpkin[…]

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