Precious words from happy clients!

“Supriti’s outspokenness and high level of positivity attracted me to avail of her services. For someone who was ignorant of the functioning of the body and the effects of a good diet, she took the trouble of explaining each  aspect of the diet with me and how it influences the metabolism. Keeping me motivated and suggesting refreshing diet options was a super bonus. She could break through my laziness and help me to be consistent with my training schedule and keep me on my toes.

Thanks to this bundle of energy for helping me to help myself.”

Sindhu Ranjit – Cochi, Kerala (Weight Management)

“I have  attempted so many diet plans and failed so many times, I felt nothing works. Supriti personalised my plan to my taste and needs. It is practical it keeps me fuelled and satisfied.

I have good health, lots of energy and have finally controlled my blood sugar levels! Its perfect.

Supriti has worked out a very personalised plan for me, keeping in mind my work schedule and my lifestyle..the challenge i faced was my aversion to meats…so supriti planed a partly veg diet which i can prep for a week.

I am still struggling in being Very active, but have lost 3 kgs in the past 3 weeks!”

Kulveen Gandhi – Brampton, Ontario (Diabetic plan for Vegetarians)