What no one tells you about Lower Back pain at the gym

Do you hate weight-lifting? Do you drag your self to gym on weight day? Chances are, you’re experiencing too much pain after it. Worse still, you might be experiencing pain in your back. Wouldn’t it be better to get the most out of your workout by eliminating that discomfort? Here are some reasons why you…
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Hormones and weight gain – is it time to quit?

Women work as hard as men to lose weight and to keep fit, but often struggle a lot more. This was credited to slower metabolisms in the past, or to hormones which require a womens body to retain a certain level of fat. This the struggle with those last 5 pounds. Over my years as…
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5 ways to totally fail at weight loss

Have you set out to lose weight, not achieved your target weight and given up? Many times over? Thats true for so many people – me included. The good news is that being prepared can help prevent you making the same mistakes. Does anything on the following list sound familiar? Now is the time to overcome these failures…
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