5 Books to Snuggle up with this weekend

5 Books to Snuggle up with this weekend

The winter chill has set in, and it’s the best time to grab a book, a cup of something hot, and get lost in a world that inspires and soothes you.

We have always been a household that loves to read – books trump TV and day of the week, and we thrive on fiction and non-fiction both. I advise many of my life coaching clients to drop addictive TV watching and opt for books. Screen time (especially the late night, binge watching kinds) throws ones body off rhythm; usually causing a dip in cognitive ability and productivity. In order to be better at home and at work, its essential to switch off all devices and rest.

Books are the perfect way to soothe yourself to sleep. Many productivity blogs recommend non-fiction or self- help books; some of which are quite boring for a first time or returning reader. My suggestion to all my clients is to pick up a fiction book instead. Read more for why.

My love for books

I grew up in a time when there was no social media and very little TV. When times were tough, or we were “bored” all we had to turn to, were books.

In my teens, when life began to get complicated, I fell to books to whisk me away to a land where all problems were over come and all hurts were healed.

Today, I read non-fiction as well as fiction; and even save time by listening to audiobooks once in a while – but there’s something about a good, meaty novel that just hits the spot.

Why Novels?

When you’re getting back to reading after a break – or you’re a bit overwhelmed by all the self improvement books being recommended all around you, I think a great work of fiction is just the thing to pick up.

To top it off, there’s nothing as empowering as reading about a woman who was able to turn things around even in the darkest of times. It starts to make you think you can, too — and there’s no reason you can’t!

So what’s special about these particular books?

These books have all been favourites of mine at some point or other. They are fun, engaging reads, with strong female protagonists, to give you all the motivation you need. Get out there and start reading- and leading the life you want to live!

1. Eat Pray Love

2. The Palace of Illusions

3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

4. The Girl Who Played with Fire

5. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

All these books were tremendously engaging reads, with strong women at the helm of the story. These are just a few of the books that have inspired me personally.


Love and Lightness

Supriti Singh