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The Easiest Salad Ever – hint (even your kids can make it)

Many many years ago, (I won’t age myself by saying how many) when I first started out on my fitness journey; the word ‘salad’ as the west used it was alien to me. I had never eaten a ‘salad’ before, except in the form of Kachumber. (my desi friends will recognize this as the tiny…
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The Ultimate Home-Made Vegetable Soup

It’s a rare, wintry time in Mumbai, India; and I don’t feel like eating my usual “cuchumber salad”. Instead, I have this hearty and yum vegetable soup. I came up with this recipe to get a filling, nutritious snack or pre-meal soup during the colder months. It’s quick and really easy to make. Ingredients: 2…
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4 ways to find time to workout when you’re life is crazy busy.

Do you find yourself making plans to “join the gym on Monday” or “do that plank challenge on Facebook next week” – but never get around to doing it? A lot of our fitness plans never leave the planning stage. That’s because we are busy people, and we can’t find the time! Here are a…
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