This traditional Konkani recipe is modified a bit from its original version. This one is made with musk melon in coconut milk along with red poha. For those of you outside of India, ‘poha’ is flattened rice. You could use dairy or any other milk substitute instead of the coconut milk.

Jaggery Syrup is used as a sweetener, but you could use organic brown sugar, or just regular sugar like the original recipe.


Musk Melon 750 gm

Organic Red Poha 250 gm washed and cleaned

Organic Jaggery chopped 250 gm

Fresh Coconut grated 1 (you can also use green coconut malai)

Medium thickness Coconut Milk 500 ml (tetra pack will do, fresh is better – Coconut milk is obtained by grinding grated coconut to a medium thick paste and using water the coconut milk is extracted using a strainer.)


Peel musk melon and remove its seeds

Chop musk melon into pieces in a large bowl.

Add the coconut milk and jaggery syrup mixture into the musk-melon

Add a pinch salt. Mix it well.

Chill if preferred, but its ready to eat as it is! Enjoy!

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