4 ways to find time to workout when you’re life is crazy busy.

4 ways to find time to workout when you’re life is crazy busy.

Do you find yourself making plans to “join the gym on Monday” or “do that plank challenge on Facebook next week” – but never get around to doing it? A lot of our fitness plans never leave the planning stage. That’s because we are busy people, and we can’t find the time!

Here are a few tips to help you make fitness a part of your life, no matter how busy you are!

1. Finding time really Means MAKING Time

If something is really important to us, we find the time to do it. It could be a doctor’s appointment for a checkup, or a film night with our spouse, or going to pick someone up at the airport. We prioritise our life around what we want to get done.

If exercise is a priority, and we set it s such, we will ‘make’ time for it. It can even be combined with other tasks. For instance, if you need to watch video lectures or listen to an audiobook, you can do that during a workout. You can return phone calls while out on a walk.

2. Schedule an Appointment with yourself

Find your best time to exercise, where you have the least interruptions, and mark it on your calendar like any appointment. And then, KEEP it.

That kind of consistency keeps you from questioning whether or not today is a good day to work out. If 8am is always workout time, then you have one less thing to think about, and can just let your routine guide you to do the right thing.

3. Keep the Kids Busy

For those of us with kids, finding  time to exercise is super difficult.  Many moms (especially those with toddlers and preschoolers) find that the demands on their time are huge, and often don’t leave room for a workout.

Your solution to this will depend on your children’s ages, but here are a few things that have worked for me:

  • Work out where the kids are. Do a workout video from youtube in the living room while they play nearby. Or take them to the backyard or the park where you can walk or do a mild strength routine while they play.
  • Put the baby in a stroller. Walk them around the park. Little ones love being pushed in their strollers and enjoy a good walk. You could easily get a 45 minute walk daily and your baby will have a fun time too!

4. Make Your Workout Fun!

If you dread your exercise sessions, you’ll do anything to avoid them. To make sure you don’t do that, find a workout routine that you love. Some people love running, or swimming, some love dance, some love meeting their friends at the gym or group fitness class.

These make fitness more than just exercise. It becomes something to look forward to, and thats half the battle won!

Even on days that you can’t love your workout, don’t get discouraged or burned out. Pat yourself on the back for any workout you do, even if it’s small or doesn’t seem impressive. Ten squats in your cubicle is a lot better than zero.

You’ll only continue doing something consistently if it’s not a struggle and its a rewarding experience in and of itself. Eventually once the workout becomes a part of your schedule, and theres a reason for you to keep coming back, sooner or later, you have a HABIT – and one you can be proud of!