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8 ways to make ‘dieting’ a breeze!

8 ways to make ‘dieting’ a breeze!

Most people find sticking to a healthy eating plan difficult. Here are some tips to make the process simpler:

  1. Nibbling on leftovers? Cover them and put them away as soon as you finish your meal. Or give them away. Or throw them out. Prepare and serve smaller portions, so that theres less temptation, and less waste.
  2. Impulsive eating? Stick to a planned daily menu that ‘schedules’ snacks. Before eating any unplanned food, drink a glass of water and make yourself wait ten minutes.
  3. Don’t skip meals. EVER.
  4. Shop only when you’re full, and only from lists you’ve made before you leave the house.
  5. Keep food out of sight. If someone is snacking and you tend to get tempted, leave the room.
  6. Late-night snacking? Save your ‘scheduled’ snacks till evening comes around.
  7. Mindlessly snacking while watching television (or reading? or studying?) Limit your eating to one location, the dining table, for example. Make it a rule to not munch while doing something else. If you don’t think you can watch TV without eating, then turn off the TV and do something else. Having trouble finding something else to distract you? Here are some projects.
  8. Make a 2 litre supply of infused water to sip all day. Whenever the desire to munch hits, drink a glass first.

Some careful planning and a few healthy alternatives will go a long way towards a fitter you!

Supriti Singh – Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant

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