Eating healthier is always a challenge. Especially for those who don’t have help and need to prep meals themselves.

Busy moms find that the rest of the family refuses to ‘diet’, so she ends up cooking three different meals for each family member. Busy dads find packing their lunch to be too much effort, so they end up relying on takeaway. Snacks for kids these days are usually a slippery slope towards childhood obesity, given that they are laden with HFCS and oodles of chemicals.

Striking a balance between eating healthy and having a normal social and professional life needn’t be so difficult. Heres a list of small changes you can make to help:

  • Purchase a spritzer: the kind that  ‘body sprays’ come in, or a spray bottle you would use in your garden. 26736fc71f35791f6114833286b57452Usually a transparent bottle with a screw top spray lid. Fill it with healthy cooking oil – olive oil is good – and spray the pan you’re cooking with instead of pouring. Commercial can contain chemical propellants and preservatives. This DIY version is nothing but pure oil, and this technique will save loads of calories and cut your fat consumption right down.
  • Use your palm as portion measurement: Guiding-Hands-ArtLimit your main meals to the size of your hand – the protein or gravy item never more than your palm. The section occupied by 4 fingers should be raw or lightly cooked veggies, and the section between the index and thumb should be the starch component. Increasing the veggies and decreasing the starch would be even better.
  • No second helpings:omg-i-just-weighed-myself-the-scale-read-please-push-away-from-the-table-and-hit-a-gym-immediately-d6414Portion out your palm sized meal, and then eat it slowly and deliberately, so as to really enjoy it. So many of us wolf our meals down while we are distracted, and end up going back for seconds or even thirds. Savour your meal, and then stop. The best workout is pushing yourself away from the table.
  • Prep your meals: Meal-Prep-Monday-1_sftsejI’ll be covering this topic in more detail in the future. Meal prepping basically involves some time, bulk cooking, and refrigerator and freezer friendly containers. You cook every meal for a whole week, for example, and pack it away ready to reheat and serve, or to pick up and go. This cuts out the constant “what shall we make for dinner?” –“eh, lets get takeout”. Being prepared is half the battle won.

Just a few simple tips and tricks here to make your fitness journey a smooth one. With a little careful planning, eating healthy will be so simple, your entire family will wonder why they haven’t been doing it all along!

Good luck!

Supriti – Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant

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