Hormones and weight gain – is it time to quit?

Hormones and weight gain – is it time to quit?

Women work as hard as men to lose weight and to keep fit, but often struggle a lot more. This was credited to slower metabolisms in the past, or to hormones which require a womens body to retain a certain level of fat. This the struggle with those last 5 pounds.

Over my years as a fitness trainer though, an interesting phenomenon has come to my notice. Some women..and this is specific to women..workout regularly, watch their diet, do everything right, basically; and still GAIN weight. Most get diagnosed with hypothyroidism, or PCOD (a frighteningly common phenomenon), or Insulin resistance. Some get through pregnancies just fine, gaining just the right amount of weight and suddenly, when the baby is 6 or 7 months old, balloon to double their size. Some struggle to conceive, take fertility treatments, and gain weight at an alarming speed.

Most of these women (i’m sure you can identify with at least one of these issues – i know i can identify with at least 3) will visit a doctor or dietician or fitness establishment in order to overcome this problem. All of them will meet with sad gazes, a shoulder shrug and the sigh “cant be helped-its hormonal”.
The gavel pounds, and the women in questions are sentenced to a lifetime of sweatpants and kurtas.

I’m here to tell you that thats all rubbish.
Is your body a bit less efficient of a fat burning machine than it was when you were 20? Yes it is.
Does that mean you have to turn belly-up and quit? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Alternative medicine and holistic wellness has wonderful options to regain hormonal health.
Workouts that concentrate on building lean muscle instead of chronic cardio reset the endocrine system and help regain lost tone.
A diet rich in healthy fats goes a long way in burning belly fat and taking care of the usual symptoms of ageing such as wrinkles and dry skin.

All that you need is a change in approach towards your own health. Work for long term gain, not short term glory, and the weight will come off; and more importantly STAY OFF!

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