Diet Harder!

Diet Harder!

Sometimes i feel like John McClane.

NO i’m not bonkers, its not all the time – sometimes its Beatrix Kiddo. Fine i’ll wait while you wiki.

Let me start from the beginning. I was

young. I was carefree. I was thin. I could do somersaults ( well, technically i could have if i didn’t hate being upside down so mu

ch). Life was one auto ride away from the cheapest and best coffee in the world. Sigh…

Enter marriage.

Enter one dog.

Enter another dog.

Enter aaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhh….BABY!!!!

With the advent of the great Singh circus, the artist formerly known as Supriti began to disappear. Well not really disappear – more like expand. At an alarming rate. One would think trying to grow an extra head and four extra arms to cope with sheer chaos would make one lose weight, but no way, jose.

So now,  former fitness trainer (used to buy clothes in the kids section at age 25 – i have witnesses) looks more like a flotation device with a kid hanging on to it.Wait wait.. are you judging? Think i should ‘find the time to workout’? or ‘make time for myself’? or ‘put away the damn chips’?.

Sigh. I don’t mind, judge away.

This is probably the same stuff i told all my clients while i was teaching class. They were probably just as crazed then – but i just pushed them and pushed them. No excuses i used to say.

Karma really is a bitch.

But wait a minute. Things ARE different for me. Something DOES set all those people apart from me. They had ME. I motivated (read scared into action) and coaxed ( read hollered as loud as i could) till they got the results they wanted. All I need.. is ME!

Now I’m faced with a conundrum. The person i need to be is buried under layers of fat, and the only person who can help her out of the layers is the person who’s buried under them..are you seeing birds chirping around your head yet or is that just me?

What to do.. what to do…

So i do what any mentally healthy individual does. I just create a new personality. Someone who kicks ass, mine included. Much louder and meaner than me and with no desire for chips or reruns of friends. Preferably with a gun (just kidding – aww maybe one with sponge pellets) or just a really mean right hook. The first person who came to mind was John McClane, the next – coz she’s SO COOL – was Beatrix Kiddo. That person can kick my flubby ass for me. The cutting edge in personal training.. mild dissociative identity disorder.


So now the flubby ass persona of Supriti is on a training program yet again. The ass-kicking persona is motivating and coaxing know the code. The chips have been tossed, and the Friends reruns are only allowed whilst on the elliptical. Hopefully the Supriti i once knew will emerge and the twain shall become one.

Until then-“Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker”!!

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  1. Jason says:

    This is like… Fatception! hahahahahaha!
    Really enjoy your posts, Sups! Subcribed! 🙂

  2. meghana says:

    Sups super good….hahaha 🙂

  3. angela almeida says:

    supsssss ure simply the best…in everythg u do… go for it…. ill make do with green tea when i come over next)

  4. sunburst says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    This was an older post of mine, written when i was really overwhelmed by everything! Back then, i didn’t have Sunburst Creative Wellness to help me back into shape and it was me against ..well, larger me!

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