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MOCKLATE SYRUP (Mock- Chocolate Syrup)

This chocolate syrup recipe is super easy to make, is jaggery based and has only 4 ingredients! Make a batch with your kids or have some in your coffee! Enjoy! Who doesn’t love Chocolate syrup??? I have always loved chocolate milk – it just seems to hit all the right spots. As soon as I hit adulthood;…
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Fit-Foodie Moussaka

A scrumptious, layered, baked casserole of deliciousness. Made this way, it has less than half the calories, and double the flavour! Serves 6-8 Ingredients: For the meat sauce: Olive oil spray*500g chicken mince1 large onion3-4 garlic cloves4 tomatoes125 g chopped fresh mushroomsHalf a box of tomato puree1 tablespoon flourHalf a cup chopped red yellow or green peppersDried…
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This vegetarian version of an omelette if packed with flavour and goodness from all the veggies. It’s great as a breakfast, carries well for a lunch box, and is a super snack. Whats more, its gluten and dairy free as well! If you have no diet restrictions, fee free to grate a little cheese on…
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