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This traditional Konkani recipe is modified a bit from its original version. This one is made with musk melon in coconut milk along with red poha. For those of you outside of India, ‘poha’ is flattened rice. You could use dairy or any other milk substitute instead of the coconut milk. Jaggery Syrup is used…
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CRISPY RICE CRACKERS (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

This Gluten free snack is extremely nutritious and easy to make. Leftover rice can be combined with practically any flavour and lends itself well to a neutral cracker to go with hummus or any other dip. Ingredients 2.5 cups cooked rice (slightly old rice works better – this is a great leftover rice recipe) softer…
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Home Made Sweet & Sour Sandwich Pickles

Fermented food are really good for you, and if you can find a delicious, inexpensive way to enjoy them, why not? Here is a simple recipe for cucumber pickles that taste amazing just with bread; on an open sandwich; in stroganoff (that recipe is coming up soon) and in burgers! This, along with my wholegrain…
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