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Home Made Sweet & Sour Sandwich Pickles

Fermented food are really good for you, and if you can find a delicious, inexpensive way to enjoy them, why not? Here is a simple recipe for cucumber pickles that taste amazing just with bread; on an open sandwich; in stroganoff (that recipe is coming up soon) and in burgers! This, along with my wholegrain…
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3 day Liver Cleanse – it’s easier than you think!

There’s some debate as to whether the human body really needs a ‘cleanse’. Do we need to fast and ‘rest’ our system? Or does our system have its own wisdom? Both are true. Our liver and kidneys have the job of removing dangerous compounds that enter our body through the air, or water or food.…
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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects one in 10 women – you probably know someone struggling with it. And you know what makes it worse? Stress. Women these days are in a constant state of physical and mental stress. On the one hand, we deal with being on call 24/7 – emails and social media keep us…
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