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My Healthy Living Starter Kit

5 magic items to fast-track your health Over the Past 20 years or so, I’ve discovered some magical ingredients and food items that work like magic potions to cleanse rejuvenate and reset your whole system. The secret to reversing lifestyle disease isn’t in the macros or the medication. But often in the small things we…
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Life in the Time of Lockdown

We live in strange times. We have a virus raging across the world that makes easy targets of those with a weak immune system; and the stress from the repercussions weakens our immune system further. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be overcome by bolstering our immune response, thus lowering our chances of getting…
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Jagged Little Pill … my current favourite album. Again.

I remember the 90s quite vividly. I had a new music system then, and it meant more to me than i could express. It was the height of technological advancement, in that i could actually select particular songs off a CD to play in the order i wanted. It also had an alarm clock set…
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