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5 ways to attract Health & Wealth this Diwali

Dhanteras also celebrates Dhanwantari, the Ayurvedic Physician of the Gods. Dhanteras is a good day to think about your health. Is it at its’ optimum? Taking care of yourself will improve your health; and this will in turn give the physical strength to deal with the material world. As the old saying goes, health is…
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I have one set of really healthy friends. They’re mostly actors or dancers, and eating healthy is second nature to them. We get together, and eat ‘grilled’ or ‘poached’ items and we NEVER order fries. Alcohol is a rare treat, and even then moderation is the key. Another set of friends I have are perennially…
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4 ways to find time to workout when you’re life is crazy busy.

Do you find yourself making plans to “join the gym on Monday” or “do that plank challenge on Facebook next week” – but never get around to doing it? A lot of our fitness plans never leave the planning stage. That’s because we are busy people, and we can’t find the time! Here are a…
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