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Fit-Foodie Moussaka

A scrumptious, layered, baked casserole of deliciousness. Made this way, it has less than half the calories, and double the flavour! Serves 6-8 Ingredients: For the meat sauce: Olive oil spray*500g chicken mince1 large onion3-4 garlic cloves4 tomatoes125 g chopped fresh mushroomsHalf a box of tomato puree1 tablespoon flourHalf a cup chopped red yellow or green peppersDried…
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Green Mungdal Fudge

This healthy and nutritious dessert is packed with fiber, and delicious to boot! Make it with ghee and milk for those with no dietary restrictions, or coconut oil and coconut milk for a dairy free option! Ingredients: 1 Cup Whole moong beans, soaked 4 Tbsp Cow Ghee or Coconut Oil (if you don’t prefer the…
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This traditional Konkani recipe is modified a bit from its original version. This one is made with musk melon in coconut milk along with red poha. For those of you outside of India, ‘poha’ is flattened rice. You could use dairy or any other milk substitute instead of the coconut milk. Jaggery Syrup is used…
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