Burning fat – a “Step by step” guide.

Burning fat – a “Step by step” guide.

Often working out or burning fat is like a game of snakes and ladders. Sliding off the wagon takes no time at all (or it feels that way aided by all the junk food and late-night TV watching); but getting back on it is a slow and painful ladder climb.
Starting from scratch is hard. Unfortunately, stressors often knock even the most ardent fitness freak of their game, and they find themselves back at the start space on the board, wondering how they got there and how to get back to where they were.

I’m  a fitness professional with a passion for fitness and and career which spans 15 yrs. Becoming a mom, however, has knocked me off the fitness wagon, and i find myself hopelessly out of shape and at a loss where to begin.

At this moment I have decided to apply the most basic advice I would give to a rank beginner. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

The temptation is always to do as much as possible, all at once, thus somehow peeling off 3 years of fat in 3 weeks. This strategy never works, making every disappointment harder to handle, and every recovery that much tougher to accomplish.

The easier the workout is to follow and repeat, the less likely you are to drop out, thereby guaranteeing results through sheer consistency. The tougher it is, you elevate your own chances of failure by taking on too much as once. Self sabotage at its best.

Start at home.

Start with no equipment.

Start with what you have.
The cheapest and best workout is a walk combined with stair climbing. Almost everyone has access to a flight of stairs. Start there.

The resolution I have made is only to abandon the lift, and use the stairs. Always.

This is a small goal-attainable, doable. This is the beginning, the baby-step of working out. All it needs from me is some kickass tunes, and the ability to show up.

If you’re reading this because you have decided to change your life for the better and take that leap, best of luck to you on your new fitness program. Keep it easy, start small, start smart. I’m in it with you, and we will do this – TOGETHER!

As the say, the journey of a thousand miles began with a single step!


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  1. Sameer says:

    Thats an awesome beginning. Re beginning i mean. And that your resolution has appeared on a public platform, it is pretty convincing that you are inspired, motivated and dedicated to act, appear and feel like a qualified fitness instructor once again. Stay persistent, ambitious and determined. Good luck.

  2. Ipsa Jamwal says:

    Touchè.. well said!!

  3. Pinu says:

    Excellent! All the best! :). Next goal…give the maid a day off and do the sweeping and mopping yourself? Indian sweeping posture resembles ‘Malasana’-Squatting pose in Yoga. Opens hips, stretches groin and burns belly fat. House cleaning’s the best form of exercise! Cheap and v productive. No wonder our bais are super fit! 🙂

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