Do you feel judged for your weight?

This was a facebook live i did because i felt that body-shaming is terrible.. and demotivating.

Can stress make you fat? Here’s what you can do to fix it.

When we are stressed, we tend to make poor nutritional choices that can actually increase our stress levels and cause other problems. Levels of “the stress hormone,” cortisol, rise during tension-filled times. Known as the “stress hormone,” it starts signalling the body to replenish your food supply. Chronic stress can turn overeating into a habit. Unfortunately, excess cortisol also…
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START NOW! – A 25 minute workout ANYONE can do!

Life is so busy nowadays. We are all in a hurry and theres always more to be done. However, life is not only about work. If we don’t take care of our health, nothing much else is going to help us accomplish what we need in our lives. Why a 25 minute workout? Finding time…
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