Burning fat – a “Step by step” guide.

Often working out or burning fat is like a game of snakes and ladders. Sliding off the wagon takes no time at all (or it feels that way aided by all the junk food and late-night TV watching); but getting back on it is a slow and painful ladder climb. Starting from scratch is hard. Unfortunately,…
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Diet Harder!

Sometimes i feel like John McClane. NO i’m not bonkers, its not all the time – sometimes its Beatrix Kiddo. Fine i’ll wait while you wiki. Let me start from the beginning. I was young. I was carefree. I was thin. I could do somersaults ( well, technically i could have if i didn’t hate…
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This little place has been a favourite of mine for many many years now. I remember the weekend i discovered i was pregnant, and really craving eggs. My hubby drove me to Indigo, where i proceeded to wolf down Eggs Benedict, strip steak, grilled veggies, waffles AND coffee (not too much though, i WAS pregnant).…
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