Oops…I weighed in again!

Size 14. That’s a UK 14, which is less forgiving than a US 14. US 14 is actually a uk 16. So technically, i’m a size 12. hahaaa…i wiiiiiiinn! Wait a minute – i used to be a size 6. Sigh. I don’t know why i get back on that scale, again and again, to…
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Do i really need to workout?

Being thin is often confused with being fit  and people who are naturally thin rarely feel the need to workout. Fitness is more than just the aesthetics, however. Working out does much more for the inside of your body than the outside. 1. Exercise controls weight – this is probably the most obvious and visible…
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Burning fat – a “Step by step” guide.

Often working out or burning fat is like a game of snakes and ladders. Sliding off the wagon takes no time at all (or it feels that way aided by all the junk food and late-night TV watching); but getting back on it is a slow and painful ladder climb. Starting from scratch is hard. Unfortunately,…
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