UPCYCLE – Soda Bottle Herb Planter

Although i’d never recommend drinking any kind of soda to anyone, we all have that one friend or family member who ‘can’t do without his fizzy’. Perhaps his or her unpleasant habit can turn into something productive and useful through this DIY project. Soda bottles are extremely durable, which also means that once you’re done…
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5 Reasons to make Creativity a Daily Wellness practice.

Creative expression has had a powerful impact on health and well-being. I have experienced that I’m less moody and tend to feel positive and uplifted. I feel less stressed, calmer and better focused. Creative self-expression and exposure to the arts have been shown to improve cognitive and psychosocial health and people who engage in art activities (painting,…
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Are you constantly looking at the watch when you’re on the elliptical machine? or hitting the snooze button instead of heading out for your run? Have you worked out really hard for a week and seen the scale shift down by just 100 grams? or worse shift UP? We’ve all been there: here is where…
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