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My Healthy Living Starter Kit

5 magic items to fast-track your health Over the Past 20 years or so, I’ve discovered some magical ingredients and food items that work like magic potions to cleanse rejuvenate and reset your whole system. The secret to reversing lifestyle disease isn’t in the macros or the medication. But often in the small things we…
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MOCKLATE SYRUP (Mock- Chocolate Syrup)

This chocolate syrup recipe is super easy to make, is jaggery based and has only 4 ingredients! Make a batch with your kids or have some in your coffee! Enjoy! Who doesn’t love Chocolate syrup??? I have always loved chocolate milk – it just seems to hit all the right spots. As soon as I hit adulthood;…
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Fit-Foodie Moussaka

A scrumptious, layered, baked casserole of deliciousness. Made this way, it has less than half the calories, and double the flavour! Serves 6-8 Ingredients: For the meat sauce: Olive oil spray*500g chicken mince1 large onion3-4 garlic cloves4 tomatoes125 g chopped fresh mushroomsHalf a box of tomato puree1 tablespoon flourHalf a cup chopped red yellow or green peppersDried…
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