10 day Sugar Detox


Food is intentionally manipulated to create cravings and addiction. The industry even refers to those of you who buy a lot of their products as heavy users.

They know their products are addictive, and leading food companies target kids. That’s scary, because most of the cereals marketed to kids are three-quarters sugar, even the “whole-grain” ones. It is not breakfast. It is dessert!

The food is intentionally manipulated to create cravings and addiction.


Food companies would like you to use this formula to manage your weight – choose a “balanced diet,” and exercise more. If that were working, would so many people across the world be overweight and sick??

Food addiction is a biochemical problem, not an emotional one. More and more people are falling prey to what holistic doctors are calling ‘diabesity’. Yes, we all have choices, and personal empowerment and responsibility are important, but they are not enough if we are trapped in a food coma induced by the toxic influences of sugar and processed foods.

If your yogurt contains more sugar than a Coke, and the main ingredient in your ketchup sauce is high-fructose corn syrup, how can you be blamed for not taking personal responsibility?


The main reason I chose to do this detox is to show you that there are healthier, easier options. This program isn’t about deprivation. It’s not about eating bland, boring food. Thats why I have included easy, delicious meal recipes in this detox – to empower you to reclaim your health; and enjoy the process while you do it!

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