10 day Detox shopping list

The following is a list of the basics you should have in your kitchen to enable you to make a wide variety of healthy meals for these ten days—and long after.

*May contain affiliate links. I only recommend products that I use and love. But please do not feel obligated to purchase anything through my link.

TINYCHANGE Journal (this is my fav)

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin Cold pressed coconut oil

Other healthy oils that you like (walnut, sesame)

Nut butters (choose from almond, peanut) unsweetened.

Nuts: walnuts, almonds

Seeds: chia, flax, pumpkin, sesame, sabja

Tahini (sesame seed paste—great for salad dressings and in sauces for vegetables) Or Diy your own, its super easy

Coconut milk

Canned or jarred olives

Apple cider vinegar

Kasundi mustard

A2 BIlona Ghee

Sea salt

Black pepper (peppercorns that you can freshly grind)

Detoxifying and anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, including turmeric, bay leaf, thyme, rosemary, chili powder, cumin, sage, oregano, onion, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, coriander and parsley

Supplements to improve immunity and quality of rest


Omega 3 Fish Oil or for vegetarians Flaxseed oil

Digestive Enzymes for better digestion.

Pre and pro-biotics

Some of my favourite things to make staying fit easier are HERE, you can go ahead and get some if you prefer.

Fitbit Fitness Band , or if you’re on a budget Mi Smart Band 5

Restistance Tubing Set

Non Slip Workout mat

Water Bottle, Glass with Silicon

Omron HBF 222T Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor With Bluetooth

I will add to this list as we proceed, or as per your requests.